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The Best Places to Propose in the State of Colorado

Have you decided they are the one? Can’t you live without them? Now it is time for you to ask them to spend the rest of their lives with you. You may have realized that a lot of planning goes into asking the big question. No need to sweat; we are here to help. Luckily, Colorado offers many beautiful scenic places to get down on one knee. We will break down a few of Colorado's best places to propose.

The first is a mountain treasure located in Aspen, Colorado. Maroon Bells is known worldwide as one of the most beautiful sights in Colorado. According to Wild and Found, this breathtaking location is one of the most photographed spots in Colorado. Wild and Found also mentions that Maroon Bells are open from May to Mid-October each year, so for this location, pre-planning is required.

Not only is Maroon Bells a perfect place to get on one knee, but afterward, you and your significant other can enjoy a gorgeous day in Aspen. Aspen is a beautiful mountain town that offers excellent stays, food, and shopping. Maroon Bells is the perfect spot for planning a trip around your proposal!

If you are looking for a more urban backdrop for your proposal, the city of Denver has many local sites to offer. One notable Denver landmark is Union Station. Union Station provides beautiful pictures to be taken, but it is also in the heart of Denver. You are making this location perfect for those who live across Colorado. A picture-perfect proposal idea is hiring a photographer to capture the moment you propose underneath the Union Station sign. Union Station is a lovely place that you and your significant other can visit for years to come.

Colorado is the perfect proposal destination as it has an array of scenic landscapes to choose from! An ideal place for a Colorado proposal would be the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. This location offers breathtaking views that are sure to wow your significant other. Garden of the Gods offers a unique and special place to propose. You can’t get these views anywhere else, making it the perfect place to create such a special memory.

Another beautiful spot to propose in Colorado is Rocky Mountain, National Park. This Park offers many scenic landscapes and a multitude of places to propose. Rocky Mountain National Park is one of Colorado’s most beloved natural wonders. Rocky Mountain National Park is for the adventurer at heart and allows you to hike to the place you plan on proposing. Rocky Mountain National Park offers many beautiful hiking trails leading to unbelievable sites.

Colorado is the perfect place to propose as it offers many beautiful and unforgettable locations. Whether you choose the mountains or the city, Colorado is a gorgeous place for a fair-tale-like proposal. Colorado has so much to offer, so you can’t go wrong by choosing Colorado as your proposal destination.

Photo credit: April O'Hare Photography, Justin Edmonds Photography, Ashley Durham Photography, Nate Shepard Photography

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