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Where to have your wedding?

City vs. Mountains

We live in a state that has so many options for wonderful views and experiences for a beautiful wedding. You can choose from the top of a building in downtown Denver to the top of a mountain. In my experience as a Colorado Wedding Planner, I have found key five things to consider when determining the location to look for your wedding venue.

First, what type of wedding and reception do you want? Outdoor ceremony? Outdoor reception? Chapel ceremony and reception in a venue? Talk with your fiancé and determine what you both envision your wedding as. A wedding is the biggest statement about you as a couple, reflection of your style, what you enjoy and what you want your guests to enjoy.

Second, where are your guests coming from? Take a hard look at where people live, since it affects the cost of travel for each of them. If most of your list is traveling from out of state, and your dream is to be married on a mountain top, then start looking at mountain venues. Ski area destinations are one of the most popular places to start from Vail, Beaver Creek, Aspen, Keystone, Winter Park, Telluride, Steamboat and Crested Butte. Yes, summer months are popular for mountain venues, but the “shoulder season (April, May, October, November)” months are also good months to look at mountain venues. Consider how long it may take for guests to get to the area that you’ve chosen, look at the costs of transportation( shuttles to the mountains, flight availability into area etc.), and how many nights that they would have to spend. You want everyone to come to your wedding, but looking at the costs for the guests in advance is extremely considerate and helps you define your wedding. If the cost of travel is too high and it will eliminate a large portion of your guest list who you really want to celebrate with, then consider changing your site to a more cost conscious location.

Third, whether you are choosing city or mountains, look at the availability of hotels near your wedding venue. Call and check to see if you are going to encounter a softball tournament, hockey tournament, major sports event or some other major social event in the area of the venue. You may think the 2nd weekend in July is not busy near your venue, but check it out to avoid disgruntled friends. It may have you changing your wedding date. You will need a selection of hotel accommodations from a low-moderate to high rate for your guests.

Fourth, other wedding related events should also be considered in your selection. Where would your rehearsal dinner be held? Locations for bridesmaid luncheons? Groom’s outings-golf, fishing, gambling etc.? How close are the options and what are the offerings? If you live in an urban area, you may have plenty of offerings, but travel time needs to be considered when scheduling them. In the mountains, you may encounter some limitations whether it is distance or availability.

Fifth, when choosing a location that you are not familiar with, you would be wise to talk with a wedding planner. We have expertise in doing events and know what is required for planning a wedding, timing restrictions, ability of locating vendors who can meet your needs, and keeping it within your budget. As a planner, I offer a free consultation to meet and get to know you and what you envision your wedding as. It’s just a conversation! Let me buy you coffee or a beer sometime!

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