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Money Money......

Money=How much is that? Money=Spending Plan

You are getting married and will spend money to celebrate this life event. It means that you are going to have a plan for spending money. Yes, a spending plan can also be called a “budget”, but really it means what is amount you are willing to spend. As a Colorado Wedding Planner, I work with my couples to help you determine your spending plan. It is the guideline that we will use throughout your planning process.

To determine your spending plan, you will want to talk to all of the parties involved, your parents, your fiance’s parents, and with each other about what you want your wedding to be. Factors that affect a spending plan are time of year, day of the week, guest list, location, and style.

Of this list, guest count will affect how much you can spend on food, beverage, cake, invitations, and linens. The best advice about keeping costs under control is to limit your guest list. Just do the math, if you spend when you go out to eat and spend $75 per person on food ( appetizers, main meal, dessert), and beverages(drinks before, during and after), and entertainment then multiply this cost by your guest count, 100 guests x $75.00= $7500. OH!

Many times, I’ve heard couples say “ I think we are getting $5000 from my parents”. It is best to have an open conversation and talk about the costs. As a Colorado Wedding Planner, I know what the market is charging and if it will fit in your plan. A budget consultation with me can be very beneficial in helping you define your plan and create the wedding that you want.

Just remember, all weddings can occur for a certain amount of money. It is just how you choose to spend it. You may want to spend more in entertainment, that’s great, but maybe you have to limit what you spend on décor. As a wedding planner, I have the knowledge and the resources to help you get the most out of your spending plan. It never hurts to talk with me.



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