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The Role of a Flower Girl Has No Age!

Written and edited by: Sydney Marler

As the wedding industry evolves, tradition is often replaced with a trendy-new idea. A couple may find it challenging to incorporate multiple family members while planning the ceremony. Tradition allows for the couple’s parents to be a part of the ceremony by walking the bride and groom down the aisle and bridal parties include siblings, cousins, and multiple family members. Grandparents are often not incorporated into wedding ceremonies.

No one wants their grandma to see them wild at their bachelorette party. That’s why current wedding trends have the perfect solution! A flower granny! A what? You read that right; today, couples incorporate their grandmas into their ceremonies by using them as flower girls. A flower granny allows the couple’s grandmas to be a part of the big day and simultaneously creates a unique ceremony that a guest is sure to remember. A couple can have their grandma be a part of their wedding, adding an extra sentimental touch to the ceremony.

The choice to include your grandma in the wedding ceremony can be a memorable experience for the couple and their family. Tradition often does not include multiple family members being a part of the ceremony; this modern trend provides a perfect way to incorporate grandmas. While the reason to have a flower granny may be different for each couple, this new trend allows for a couple to make their ceremony uniquely their own.

At this point, you may be wondering, what would they wear? Traditionally flower girls wear young-spirited dresses and tie them to the theme of the wedding. Couples do not have to change the traditional flower girl wardrobe if they choose to have their grandma as the flower girl! There are many different options for flower grannies, such as a dress or paint suit. All outfit choices can be customized to fit the color scheme of the wedding ceremony!

The flower granny will use a small basket to throw flower petals down the aisle as a flower girl. A great way to incorporate the wedding theme is by color coordinating the basket to the flower granny’s outfit. The basket can be decorated to match the theme of the wedding or inscribed with memorable quotes or sayings that tie into the relationship of the couple and their grandmas. The possibilities are endless, and you and your guests will remember every special touch!

One of the most stressful parts of wedding planning is including everyone; this new modern trend makes planning just a little easier. A flower granny will add a special touch to a wedding ceremony. Having a grandmother as a flower granny will mean so much to them and will also mean a lot to a couple. It adds an extra sentimental touch and creates a lasting memory for the couple and their grandmas. Shying away from tradition does not always have to be scary and bold. Instead, it can allow a grandma to feel extra special and a part of something so crucial to the people she loves!


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