What is a "true" Wedding Planner?

You may have heard or seen the term “Wedding Planner” and wonder what is this? It can be very confusing to anyone who is outside our industry. This term is used by many people and businesses and has different meanings. It is used by DJ’s, Venues, Caterers and Florists most commonly.

The key to remember as the client is make sure that you are getting the service that you are paying for. DJ’s, Venues, Caterers and Florists all need information that relates to the details and plans for your wedding. It is natural to ask if they can help with getting those things done, but it will take them away from getting their true job done on your wedding day.

Wedding Planner for a Venue means that they have a person who will be there during your wedding. This person is responsible for making sure if there are any problems like a toilet backing up or electrical breaker tripping are taken care. If they are supplying the alcohol for your wedding, they are also responsible for the bar and bartenders and monitoring the guest behavior. Some venues offer wedding packages that includes catering, liquor, DJ, cake and floral. They may help on getting the best price that will work in your budget, but they get caught in the middle too many times and either side is not happy if a situation arises.

A wedding planner for a caterer is responsible for ensuring all of the food details that you planned. They communicate and manage the wait staff for your wedding. They usually are only scheduled to be on site for a short period of time. Their first responsibility is to their employer aka your caterer, you are secondary.

A Florist and DJ as planner is because they are there from beginning to the end. What the question that you need to ask yourself “are these people really experienced in all phases of wedding planning and wedding day management?” You are hiring these people to their best job of their first chosen job as a florist, caterer, DJ or venue manager. You don’t want to worry about a toilet that backs up, or a speaker that is not working, or fixing a corsage that fell apart, or serving the main course on time, it’s their job.

A true wedding planner has your back all of the time. We understand you and your fiancé and what you want your wedding to be. We negotiate with each of vendors to get you the best price for your dollar. If you want a specific thing at your wedding, we do the legwork and endless research to find it and make sure it will fit within your spending plan. Would a caterer do that work for you? Probably not. A DJ or florist? Again, probably not.

We also look at the big picture and understand how much time it will take to get your photos done, how long it will take to seat 250 people, know that only a few toasts will keep your reception moving and not turn into a boring reception, and we come equipped to fix the numerous little things that arise during your day. Let’s not forget the management of your families and their needs, you know how they get. We do it all with a smile.

You may think that a wedding planner is expensive, but that is not necessarily true. They can save you time, money and stress. So many times, I hear of post wedding stories where the couple wished that they had a planner for their wedding. I relate many times that we all don’t need to use a realtor to buy a house, but it does make the process go so much smoother when you use a realtor because they know how it works, manage your expectations, and make it an enjoyable experience. That’s how you should look at wedding planning and hire a “true” wedding planner.


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