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Every team needs a quality leader to be successful. In a wedding, you hire different people to do different jobs like a photographer, DJ, caterer, etc. These people each have their own needs that have to be met in doing their job. When you add the moving parts of guests, bridal party and the couple, many things can cause these individuals to struggle to deliver an excellent product for your wedding. Just like Coach Kubiak orchestrated all of the players to do their part in winning Super Bowl 50. A Wedding Planner is the team leader for your wedding.

A photographer is working hard at your wedding to capture your day. The photos that they will take average around 1200+, but they also have to make sure that they get the family photos, fun guest photos, and stunning artistic photos because you hired them for their work. This is a lot of photos to get and still make sure that they got it all. It is not their job to pin on boutonnieres, locate family, fix spills on your wedding gown etc.

As one photographer said to me once, “It is difficult to switch between right brain and left brain activities quickly, I have to re-focus myself to get the quality I want in my photos and it takes a few minutes to do that.” A wedding planner works closely with your photographer to make sure that they have all of the information and time in the wedding to get all of these important photos. You are paying the photographer for their creativity, not for doing tasks related to your wedding.

Your Caterer will appreciate a planner on your wedding. For a wedding to be successful in everyone’s viewpoint, the food needs to be served when it’s ready, not 45 minutes later because the event is running behind. Who likes beef that is tough and cold? I don’t.

A planner is the key liaison in keeping your event on time. Yes, things do happen and causes the timing to fall behind, but a smart planner knows where to catch up on time and still get the food served when it’s hot. Your caterer and planner are in constant communication. Your planner will communicate where there are food allergies and preferences on guests, children who need kid’s meals, and ensure that your guests are given the best service possible.

One of the things that people don’t understand is that your DJ has a difficult job because they are working to keep your wedding exciting, fun and enjoyable. They have to read your guest’s interactions and choose the music or activities that will keep your wedding moving along. Have you ever been to an event where it is just dragging along and you want to leave? Trust me, your DJ doesn’t want your wedding to be that way. They want people to be up and dancing and having the time of their lives. It is not their job to be pouring champagne, so that your toasts can be started or locating the cake knife so that you can cut the cake. They don’t like trying to find your photographer, videographer in order to start an activity that should be captured. Your planner works closely with your DJ on when activities will begin, they round up the people need for the activities, and get the props needed for those activities.

As your Wedding Planner, I am communicating with your vendors, solving problems, and checking on the details of your wedding. Your vendors will appreciate it when they can do their best job for you and not have to be doing tasks which take them away from their primary focus. John Elway choose Gary Kubiak because he knew that Gary could lead the Denver Broncos to their goal of the Super Bowl 50 Win.

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