Wedding Insurance

What! Do I really need to purchase this item? What will it do for me? Is it worth the cost? I’m sure all of these questions pop into your head as you think about it. As a Colorado Wedding Planner, I have become a big believer in purchasing this item for all of the benefits that it provides. I am not one to buy additional insurance (too many years of selling product replacement policies, all profit for the company-retail tidbit).

Wedding insurance can cover many things, like failure of vendor to perform services provided, venue cancellations, some weather related issues, and other acts that can disrupt a wedding (9/11). Just think about the amount of money you are spending, it is a very large amount and you should think of it like an investment in your future. How do you protect the very dear funds that you are committing to spend on this day, with Wedding insurance as the protection tool?

It was just a few years ago that we experienced the 100 year floods in September 2013. People could not travel to Boulder, Estes Park, Lyons, Loveland, and many parts of Northern Colorado. Many wedding venues had extensive damage that took over 1 year to recover from. Wedding insurance would have covered the costs of relocation of a wedding due to this act of nature.

When you are selecting vendors for your wedding, you do a lot of work to check that they are reputable and provide good service, but you can be misled sometimes. When a vendor fails to perform contracted services, such as not delivering pictures, videos, with insurance you can recoup some of this cost. When you are buying coverage, make sure failure to perform is included. Insurance can help you recoup the cost, but you may have to take legal action to get the actual product or additional monetary settlement from this vendor.

One of the biggest items that I recommend clients purchase Wedding insurance for is liquor liability. Many facilities may ask you to provide liquor liability. When you are serving alcohol, even if it is served by your caterer and they carry liquor liability, get additional insurance. It will cover the costs if one of your guests gets a little too much and they do some damage to the venue, break and damage rentals, and fail to remunerate for the damages of their behavior. Also, think about if one of your guests gets in a car accident on their way home from your wedding and they have been drinking, you can be held liable for their behavior. We live in litigious society and people sue each other all the time. Wedding insurance can help protect you.

As for the cost, most policies are very reasonable such as $300 for liability. It just depends on how much coverage that you want. If you are spending over $25K, $300 investment insurance is very reasonable. You can request quotes for free and discuss it before buying. It is worth the time to look at protecting your investment in your wedding.

Protect your wedding, that ‘s my advice from your Colorado Wedding Planner!

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