Frequently Asked Questions about My Packages

This page is here to answer the burning questions that you may have about my packages. While I will try to give you the most information about what I do, every wedding and event is truly unique to itself and I really end up customizing to your needs and wants. The best option is to contact me and we can talk about your wedding. Contact Wendie!

The Total Package-Full Service Planning

This package is the best option for anyone who is wanting their wedding planning to be enjoyable and fun. I work with you on everything from the big details to the littlest detail wanted.

Big Details

  • Venue

  • Caterer

  • Photography and Videography

  • Entertainment

  • Decor

Littlest Details

  • Invitations

  • Cake

  • Guest Accommodations and activities

  • Child care

  • Transportation and more

It saves you a lot of time and money when you work with me because I have an extensive book of vendors that I know and have worked with. You also have someone who knows everything about your wedding and has your best interest at heart and makes sure you stay within your budget guidelines and completes tasks timely. Enjoy your wedding day knowing that your team of wedding professionals and I are working to make it the best day ever.


The cost of this service begins at $4, 500 and travel fees may apply outside the Denver area.

Wedding Day Management - Day of Coordination

This package really begins 90 days before your wedding date. Wedding Day management means that I am managing all of the parts of your wedding day and allowing you to enjoy it. I gather all of the information about your vendors that you have contracted. I pull everything together to make it your best day ever. Here are a few of the tasks that I do:

  • Wedding Day Timeline

  • Vendor Communication about their needs and confirm your plans with them

  • Help you finalize your catering needs from guest counts, rentals, staffing, etc.

  • Work closely with your venue on all of the details of your wedding

  • Finalize ceremony details and direct your wedding rehearsal

  • Handle all of the special items that you want to be displayed at your wedding

  • Wedding Day on-site direction, up to 12 hours.

The cost of this service begins at $2,200 and an average client spends about $2,600. Travel fees do apply outside of the metro Denver area.

Like an "Aunt" Or Partial Planning

I coined this name because I become like an “Aunt” to you, which means I know everything about your wedding dreams and wants. I will give you suggestions on the vendors that would meet your needs from my vast database of wedding professionals. You would do the appointments and determine which vendor will fit the best for what you want. I will advise you on your contracts. I will also periodically meet with you to review where you are in your planning, assist with suggestions on items and listen to your concerns.

At 90 days, I begin Wedding Day management. I would begin contacting your vendors and developing a timeline for your wedding and assisting you in completing all of the final details for your wedding. I will direct your rehearsal and be on-site for 12 hours on your wedding day.

This service begins at $2,750 and an average client spends about $3,200. Travel fees do apply outside of the metro Denver area.

Hourly Consultations

I plan weddings and events for a living. This is the biggest event that you will ever plan and it's over-whelming understanding all of the terminologies and finding what vendors will fit your wants and needs. I get it, let's talk!


In a 2-hour appointment, I will discuss your wedding budget, explain what items will cost, talk about your ideas for your wedding and how you can go about getting what you need to create them. 

After your appointment, I will send over a summary of our visit, a budget guideline, a planning timeline, and 2 referrals per category. This service is $300 for 2 hours or $150 per hour.


We have a great number of places in Colorado that are spectacular proposal sites. I help you in locating the right spot, coordinate a photographer or videographer to document the occasion and make sure you have everything to make it a special memory. This service is $500-750.